Foreign companies and individuals face challenges in expanding their business activities or even relocate their domicile to Austria. To set up operations or take-up domicile, foreign persons require a wide range of basic legal services, including company and subsidiary formation, immigration law, real estate, tax, residency issues, employment and benefits advice, governmental compliance and regulatory issues. For transactions, including financings and business acquisitions, foreign firms may require an agent with knowledge of current and local market practices.

Proell Attorneys at Law provides “one-stop” solutions and disposes of a wide range of certified experts in all business areas, including tax, auditing and notarial issues. This enables Proell Attorneys at Law to fully serve client’s legal needs. In this context everything from day-to-day operating issues to complex legal matters can be offered by the firm.

We are an acknowledged expert in the field of Residency and Citizenship Law and offer our services to entrepreneurs, key-workforce and persons of independent means from all over the world.

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