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The legal products of Proell Attorneys at Law are not authorised for public distribution in other countries than Austria. The information contained on this website is not intended for particular groups of individuals but is addressed to readers who are interested in the legal products of Proell Attorneys at Law at large. The legal products of Proell Attorneys at Law are not licensed to be publicly distributed in all countries. Information on legal products, particularly legal advice, is therefore not intended for individuals and corporate entities which are subject to a system of laws which forbids the dissemination of such information or makes it conditional on Proell Attorneys at Law and/or the legal product obtaining a license or authorisation.

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The information on Proell Attorneys at Law’s website constitutes neither a solicitation to purchase (of whatever nature) nor an offer nor recommendation to purchase or sell instruments, to engage in other transactions or to conclude any legal transaction.

The information on the Proell Attorneys at Law website thus does not constitute an aid to reaching decisions on financial, legal, fiscal or other advisory issues, nor may investment or other decisions be made on the basis of this content alone. Professional and personal legal advice from a qualified specialist is recommended.

The information to be found on this website is thus exclusively for information purposes and for use by the recipient.

No guarantee for topicality, accuracy or completeness of the information

The information on Proell Attorneys at Law’s website is compiled with the greatest care using sources which Proell Attorneys at Law deems reliable. In spite of all the care taken, Proell Attorneys at Law cannot assume any liability for the topicality, accuracy and completeness of the information. In particular, legal and investment reports cannot be considered as complete analyses or summaries of the securities, markets or developments mentioned therein.

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In the case of third-party websites which contain a link to this website of Proell Attorneys at Law or which are referred to with a link on this Proell Attorneys at Law website, it is to be noted that these are completely beyond the control or influence of Proell Attorneys at Law, for which reason Proell Attorneys at Law can assume no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness and legality of the contents of these websites as well as for any offers and services contained therein. The explicit written consent of Proell Attorneys at Law is to be obtained in advance for links which lead to this Proell Attorneys at Law website from a third-party website.

mendments or supplements to the information

Proell Attorneys at Law reserves the right to amend or supplement the information on the website at any time, without prior notice.

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Both the content and the structure of the Proell Attorneys at Law website are protected by copyright, and their use through saving, downloading and printing, except for personal use, requires Proell Attorneys at Law’s prior written consent. The use of individual pages and/or sub-areas of this website, by downloading and/or printing, is only permitted provided that neither the copyright notices nor other legally protected designations are removed. Proell Attorneys at Law retains all proprietary rights.

Data security

When the Proell Attorneys at Law website is accessed or Proell Attorneys at Law is contacted electronically, data relating to website visitor and the originator of the contact are, in principle, transported via an open network accessible to all. Data can therefore be transmitted over borders, even if the visitor or sender and the receiver are in the same country. If individual data packets are transmitted in encrypted form, the visit or sender and recipient nonetheless remain unencrypted. The possibility also cannot be excluded that the communication will be seen and falsified by third parties in the open network, that the content may be lost, wholly or in part, and thus become incomplete or unusable, arrive late or contain viruses. Consequently, Proell Attorneys at Law cannot guarantee that these communications will be safe or error-free and cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of any kind. Finally, it is pointed out that a visit to this website, or contact, can leave traces in the Internet which, under certain circumstances, can serve as an indication of a relationship with Proell Attorneys at Law.

Reference to other conditions of use and legal notices

On Proell Attorneys at Law’s website, special agreements and terms may be stipulated in individual sub-sections, in special informational areas and in relation to individual services. In the event of any conflicting interpretation, these special agreements and terms take precedence over the above terms of use and legal notices.

Liegt eine Parteienhäufung vor, so sind gemäß § 55 Abs 1 Z 2 JN mehrere in einer Klage geltend gemachte Ansprüche zusammenzurechnen, wenn sie von mehreren Parteien oder gegen mehrere Parteien erhoben werden, die Streitgenossen nach § 11 Z 1 ZPO sind. Das Gesetz verlangt somit im Bereich der Parteienhäufung das Vorliegen einer materiellen Streitgenossenschaftächster Suchbegriff entweder auf Klags- oder auf Beklagtenseite. Es muss somit entweder eine Rechtsgemeinschaft hinsichtlich des Streitgegenstands bestehen oder eine Parteienmehrheit, die aus demselben tatsächlichen Grund (allenfalls sogar solidarisch) berechtigt oder verpflichtet ist. Liegt hingegen – wie hier – lediglich eine formelle orheriger SuchbegriffStreitgenossenschaft nach § 11 Z 2 ZPO vor, kommt es selbst dann nicht zu einer Zusammenrechnung der Streitwerte, wenn die geltend gemachten Forderungen in einem tatsächlichen oder rechtlichen Zusammenhang stehen (vgl RIS-Justiz RS0053096 [T10]). Ist in einem Verfahren Anspruchs- und gleichzeitig Parteienhäufung gegeben, sind bei Vorliegen der Voraussetzungen des § 55 Abs 1 Z 1 JN zwar die gehäuften Ansprüche der betreffenden Partei zusammenzurechnen, nicht jedoch diese Ansprüche mit jenen der übrigen formellen Streitgenossen (vgl Gitschthaler in Fasching/Konecny3 § 55 JN, Rz 23 und 23/1).